Low impact exercise with 3x effectiveness.

Training in an infrared environment at a constant 37 degrees allows us to warm the tissue to a depth of 4cm, leading to a visible reduction in centimetres, improved skin tone, and weight loss.

Using our ThermoSlim technology, we can activate just about every muscle and eliminate fat in very closely targeted areas. Say goodbye to that stubborn lower belly and thigh fat!

Forget spending hours at the gym.

Working in the special conditions of 37 degrees also enables a shorter work out of 25-30 mins, which replaces hours at the gym. Exercises in the ThermoSlim machine are also always carried out in the lying position to eliminate impact on your back and joints.

Faster recovery times.

When the body exercises in or is exposed to infrared, your cells immediately start to regenerate. Your cells eliminate waste at a faster speed, lymphatic drainage increases and circulation improves, which in turn, helps eliminate cellulite.

Thanks to the fast cell regeneration and detoxing properties of our Infrared ThermoSlim treatment, it also promotes quick muscle recovery and faster recovery times.

Try out our ThermoSlim treatment today by booking a free session with us.