Solutions tailored to you.

All of our treatments are available in 6, 8, 10 and 12-week programs that are fully personalised to suit your needs.

We have very carefully sourced and implemented the science of weight loss, cellulite reduction and injury recovery.

Our techniques and systems work the body as a whole, WITHOUT HIGH OR PAINSTAKING EXERTION. Our techniques vary and are tailored to each and everyone BUT they all do serious FAT BURNING!

All of our options offer LOW IMPACT EXERCISE with 3x the effectiveness of normal exercises!

Our Programs.


Safe, non-surgical methods to reduce cellulite and tighten skin.

Lose That Last

We tailor-make a program that targets your problem areas fast.

Power Through Hormonal Change

Fat burning, hot-flush relief and smoother skin with Infrared technology.

Pre-Baby Body

Gentle, low-impact exercise to get your pre-baby body & health back.

Big Event Ready

Fit into that perfect dress in no time with our state of the art technology.

Reclaim Your Life

Get your energy & health back with our easy, bite-sized programs.

Our Machines.

Infrared Sauna

Detoxes, reduces cellulite and burns fat while you relax


Maintains a 37-degree atmosphere to burn fat and tone

Infrared Dome

Burn calories, detox, de-stress and revitalise with Jade stones

Infrared Wrap

Burns 700-1400 calories, pain management, including arthritis

Encumbered Bike

Reduce fat, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage

Compression Bike

Targets stubborn fat deposits and reduces cellulite


Let us help you mend your relationship with food so you can start to enjoy it again.

Nutrition is about eating the right thing at the right time of the day – It’s that simple! 

It’s not about constantly telling yourself you are on a diet, which leads to unhealthy sacrifice and deprivation.

Your body needs food to survive, so we will teach you how to have a happy, healthy relationship with food, whilst increasing your wellness, energy and weight loss.

Nutrition is easy, understanding the truth around marketing is what’s hard… But don’t worry, we will teach you the secrets to become your own best dietician.

Reach your fitness goals in a safe and empowering female-only environment.

Try out our Figure by Design programs for free today!