Being a woman sometimes feels cruel.
You can get to a certain stage of life where everything you have done before just stops working.

It’s usually an underlying condition.

We as Women’s Wellness Coaches know that this is generally from underlying conditions such as; 

  • – Menopause
  • – Thyroid
  • – Diabetes
  • – PCOS

Ailments that are generally out of your control.

But rest assured, you are not alone and our proven methods of 9 years are changing women’s lives just like yours, daily.

Lisa lost 4.5kg and 50cm in 4 months! Helping her deal with her hormones quickly and effectively.

We’ve got you covered.

We will tailor-make a program around what is happening to your body, and it will comprise of easy low impact exercise, time out, infrared strategies that help burn fat at a fast level, lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and stored fat, all with little or no stress on your body.

These treatments, although heat is involved, actually help with the symptoms of hot flushes, help rebuild the collagen in your skin and speed up your metabolism.

Hormone driven weight gain needs a combination of methods combined, so we will take away the confusion and struggle of you facing or navigating it on your own.

You will be assisted with the right strategies, eating plans and done for you recipes.

Enjoy time out, weight loss and energy enhancement.

We will help you feel the best you have for a long time.

If hormonal changes are getting the better of you, why not try our ‘Power Through’ program today?!