Why do we do what we do?

Because it’s our obligation to share what we know, to show you how easy change can be. We have a deep sense of obligation to have an impact on the weight-driven illnesses of the world that are fuelled by miseducation, unbalanced confidence and low self-esteem. 

We have proven that weight loss, health and women’s self-worth should not be compromised and that if given the right tools, the right methods, and empowering environment, massive changes are possible.

With my teams combined 5 decades of knowledge, we know we can make every one of our clients monumentally benefit from our easy, proven and family-friendly skill factor to being healthy and well, AND enjoy the process of choosing a healthy lifestyle option WITHOUT deprivation. 

We created this award-winning, relaxing and safe environment because the world is unkind. 

The media, the social platforms, shop assistants, food labels and even doctors are cruel. They are happy to judge, criticize and make solutions feel like impossible obstacles. We have a very different approach.

Every single person on this planet has something about themselves they don’t like. It could be cellulite, 5kg, 50 kg, health concerns, even just fatty pockets that hang over your jeans. Whatever it is, you are entitled to feel that way, but you are also entitled to deal with it, remove it or improve it. 

This will instantly change your self-confidence, outlook on life and make the transition to easy healthy lifestyles a priority. 

We guarantee to do this in a private, encouraging safe space, with safe solutions.

Who are we?

Owner & Founder

Melissa is Studio owner of Figure By Design, formerly known as Narellan Hypoxi, established for over 10 years. 

Melissa has been in the health and wellness industry for 36 years bringing lots of information to the table.​

Qualified and Certified Health Coach / Senior Wellness Coach, an Australian Accredited Results coach in Wellness and Business.

As Owner/Director “I love everything about my studio. My team are amazing, my clients are special and the results blow my mind”

  • – Business Person of the Year 2020 
  • – Best Service 2019 – FINALIST 
  • – Ausmumpreneur Awards 2019 – FINALIST 
  • – Small Business Awards 2019 – FINALIST 
  • – My Business Awards 2018  
  • – Small Business Awards 2018 – FINALIST 
  • – Australian Small Business Champions Awards 2017 
  • – National Customer Service 2017 
  • – Australian Small Business Champion 2017 – FINALIST
  • – Small Business Awards 2016 – FINALIST 
  • – Business Woman of the Year – FINALIST
  • – Published Author- Secrets of a Sassy Salon CEO


Kylie is a qualified Health Coach, Master Curves Coach, Wellness Coach and has been helping women lose weight for over 15 years.

She is an integral part of the team that brings warmth, knowledge and dedication for success to every client.

She has been with us for over 6 years and says “I love that “OMG” Smile you get when you tell your client how many centimetres & how much weight they have lost in a short amount of time”


Reach your fitness goals in a safe and empowering female-only environment.

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