What does Infrared light do?

Our relaxing Infrared Saunas are specifically designed to generate far-infrared heat, which is the most beneficial wavelength for human health.

It not only promotes new cell growth, but it also vibrates and energises your existing cells, allowing thermal energy to be absorbed.

Burn calories while laying down.

The Infrared Sauna helps to:

– Burn calories quickly

– Increase circulation

– Detox

– Reduce cellulite

– Aid pain relief and muscle recovery

– Promote collagen and elastin production in the skin

– Provide elements of relaxation and better digestion.


Natural Detox.

Our Infrared Saunas also contain jade and tourmaline stones to boost the effectiveness of your treatment.

The stones, in conjunction with the infrared system are proven to:

  • – Absorb stress
  • – Increase alertness
  • – Stimulate circulation
  • – Boost immunity

If you’re looking for more of a workout, our ThermoSlim treatment could be the one for you.

Try out our Infrared Sauna today by booking a free session with us.