One of our most relaxing Infrared treatments is the Infrared Body Wrap System.

This treatment is a relaxing 30-50 minute treatment for weight loss and pain management, including arthritis. It’s great for helping to diminish the appearance of cellulite and there is never a need to disrobe, it wraps right over your clothing!

How does the wrap work?

Far-Infrared energy increases the body’s molecular vibration by actually vibrating individual cell’s structure to help break the connections between deposits, such as fats and toxins, generating heat which is absorbed through the skin. 

Continuous vibration of the body’s cells does the following:

– Increases dermis temperature
– Enlarges blood vessels
– Stimulates blood circulation
– Activates metabolism in tissues and cells

Lose weight while you relax.

When we apply infrared heat deep into the body where fat tissues exist, your metabolic rate increases, causing fat tissue to break up and excess calories to be burned away as energy. 

Our Infrared Body Wrap Treatment aids in:

– Weight loss
– Body contouring and reshaping
– Fat & centimetre loss
– Pain relief
– Detoxification
– Skin enhancement
– Improved appearance of cellulite

If you’re looking for more of a workout, our ThermoSlim treatment could be a great option.

Try out our relaxing Infrared Body Wrap today by booking a free session with us.