New by name but not by nature.

We used to be known by another name.

We have been known for the last 9 years as Narellan’s leading and Award- Winning, Targeted Weight Loss Studio.

After being a multi-award-winning studio for many years, we have decided to break away from the main form of services we were offering, expand and develop our own Women’s Wellness and Weight Loss Studio.

We are still here to provide the same high-quality services and honor our previous technology, but now our machinery and technology options have grown.

We are now;

figure by design logo

We can now combine new game-changing, German, Japanese and American technology. We have infrared heat wraps, heat domes, saunas and resistance training.

Weight loss has never been so easy, so relaxing and so rewarding.

And with the new refurbishment we really are aiming at providing a utopia- resort style atmosphere.

We are here to empower you, mentor you and guide you to your greatness. Our game-changing approach should be your first place of enquiry, not your last resort.

Every woman deserves to feel amazing in her own skin.

Come and experience our safe and empowering wellness utopia.