Who are we?

We are the utopia you have been looking for.

We provide a safe and private environment for women to take control of their bodies WITHOUT crazy deprivation, diets or strenuous exercise.

Whether you are aiming at dropping 10 kilos, a dress size, smoothing out your cellulite, or being empowered with a strong mind and body, the Figure by Design process, is easy and results are more quickly noticeable than you ever imagined possible.

We are proud to be a private boutique offering women a place to rest, revive, exercise and thrive.

We are proud to be a private boutique offering women a place to rest, 
revive, exercise and thrive.

There’s an easier way to wellness.

There are many promises in the world of weight loss and wellness, and so many diets are thrown at you,  like the carnivore diet plan, zone diet, GM diet, ketosis fruit, lose weight like Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Simpson… the list goes on.

Plus, you then get told to join a vast array of challenges such as the F45 challenge, Redditt Lose It challenge or the reduce belly fat fast challenge.

We understand as a consumer, this is confusing and exhausting.

We want you to know that there is a simpler, safer, proven, targeted and EASIER method available.

We believe that is why you are here.

Our mission.

Our mission is to help all women in our corner of the world be as healthy, happy and lean as they can be.

We know that with our 55 years of knowledge and our game-changing solutions, we have chosen not to conform to old techniques.

We teach you that less is best, and that food can be your friend.

We bring you some of the most innovative machines in Australia and with our award winning track record we believe we offer you the best exercise for fat loss.

We are also going to give you a true journey. 

One of weight loss, wellness, transformation, evolving of your inner strength and empowerment, all in a private boutique studio with a tropical vibe.

How we do it.

For the last 9 years, we have been a Major Award-Winning Hypoxi studio, formerly known as Narellan Hypoxi, utilizing the benefits of weight loss and lymphatic drainage solutions from the German-engineered Hypoxi.

The science and technology is still important to us and still practised, but we have expanded with other European and Japenese technologies. 

We now offer weight loss, wellness, fat loss, cellulite reduction, pain management and injury recovery in a very unique way and with machines that are exclusive to us.

Our techniques vary between infra red saunas, infra red heat treatments, low impact resistance training and lymphatic drainage.

There is something for everyone, and all fitness levels.

Our studio is unique, as are our methods. Giving you fast and lasting results.

We’ve Got You Covered. Everyone’s needs are different, so you get to chose what works for your time, goals and budget!

Reach your fitness goals in a safe and empowering female-only environment.

Try out our Figure by Design programs for free today!